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3 Things to Know Before You Write Your First Novel

I’m thrilled you are taking this up. You can write an awesome novel. I don’t want to come off as “Oh, I know this shit” – because no one does. But I’ve done this so long I can, at least, help you avoid time sinks and frustration. Also, I think I can help with your mindset when taking this on. Too many first-time novelists have a mindset that can lead to disappointment and there’s no reason for it except they didn’t know there was another way.

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5 Ways to Know if Something is Illuminati

It has become painfully obvious that I have become a destination for people trying to figure out what in the hell is up with the Illuminati. I have yet to write a book about the Illuminati. I’ve written about Knights Templars, Mardis Gras Krewes and the end of... read more

Why Heavy Metal is Good for Seven-Year-Olds

My seven-year-old is involved in one of those after school programs that reminds me about how fortunate kids have it these days: STAR Education’s Rock Star. The public school he attends gets funding for these after school programs and then STAR upsells parents... read more

How to Invite a Freemason to Dinner

So, you’ve heard by now that Freemasons control the world. As a rational human being, you are now confronted with the possibility of one of three scenarios: 1. Nothing changes for you, because the conspiracies surrounding Freemasonry are, at best, wrong and at... read more

Two Things That Are Probably True About Atlantis

You may or may not know, I am writing a fiction series taking place in Atlantis. I am in the very early stages of this and, whether or not, dear reader, you like it, I will be using this blog right here as a vehicle to express myself during the research phase. I know... read more

3 Reasons Why Mom Can’t Read My Books

Let me start by saying I have the most open-minded, supportive and brilliant mom in history. She spent my childhood blindly supporting my bizarre exploits, ridiculous hobbies, and most importantly my writing. I was in writing classes with adults at ten. In... read more
Christopher Grey

Christopher Grey

Author Christopher Grey uses fiction to draw the human experience from the fantastic.

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