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Happiest Apocalypse on Earth is a tabletop roleplaying game that is part satire, part horror. Set in a fictional children’s theme park called Mouse Park, the game allows players to customize the attractions in the park, the dangers that lurk there, and their own Mouse Park staff member. Collaborative storytelling and customized character and narrator moves create a wide range of terrifying incidents involving ancient horrors, demonic magic, and a conspiratorial plot to keep a bloodthirsty ancient god appeased. Ghouls, monsters, specters, and cultists abound, but they only scratch the surface of the true evil that lies far beneath.

This game is for horror lovers, monster of the week enthusiasts, and that huge population that thinks animatronics are scary. It takes popular notions of innocence and cartoonish morality and violently turns it on its head. It is part satire of nostalgic pop culture and it is part deadly serious X-Files and Supernatural. The satirical nature shines through in its ironic approach and sometimes humorous take on characters, but the mysteries and plots that unfold are all but trivial.

The game is built using the Apocalypse World roleplaying game framework created by Vincent Baker and adapted and modified to fit the setting. As a Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) game, The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth shines with the best of collaborative storytelling using mechanics that are familiar to the experienced and intuitive to the novice. It works well as a campaign, or a one shot, and can be the centerpiece of family games or adult ones.

Hacked By MuhmadEmad

I’m thrilled you are taking this up. You can write an awesome novel. I don’t want to come off as “Oh, I know this shit” – because no one does. But I’ve done this so long I can, at least, help you avoid time sinks and frustration. Also, I think I can help with your mindset when taking this on. Too many first-time novelists have a mindset that can lead to disappointment and there’s no reason for it except they didn’t know there was another way.

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Email String that Proves My Wife is Hilarious

Today I'm celebrating 15 years of marriage with my wife and best friend. In tribute to this amazing chapter I'd like to provide an intimate example of an average conversation we have while at work. -------------- From: Wife To: Me Subject: Whyyyyy is time moving so...

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Why Heavy Metal is Good for Seven-Year-Olds

My seven-year-old is involved in one of those after school programs that reminds me about how fortunate kids have it these days: STAR Education’s Rock Star. The public school he attends gets funding for these after school programs and then STAR upsells parents...

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How to Invite a Freemason to Dinner

So, you’ve heard by now that Freemasons control the world. As a rational human being, you are now confronted with the possibility of one of three scenarios: where buy viagra in singapore 1. Nothing changes for you, because the conspiracies surrounding...

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3 Reasons Why Mom Can’t Read My Books

Let me start by saying I have the most open-minded, supportive and brilliant mom in history. She spent my childhood blindly supporting my bizarre exploits, ridiculous hobbies, and most importantly my writing. I was in writing classes with adults at ten. In...

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Will Shakespeare and the Ships of Solomon

Ancient conspiracies, treasure-hunting and car chases. Who could ask for more?

The Children's Author Playbook

An in-depth exploration of creating high-quality and marketable children’s book from Pre-K all the way to High School.

The Siege of Sundered Hold (Border Kingdoms Fallen 1.1)

On the frontier of south Faerûn, Sundered Hold stands alone above the swampy brackish wetlands below that meander a short northward march toward the sea and the opulant Border Kingdom city Derlusk. The rangers that staff this stronghold have never seen battle. And given its relative safety from potential threats, they never should. But all of that will change as an unexpected horde of infernal creatures take siege and attempt to take the stronghold for themselves.

The Rebellion at Deathrot Marsh (Border Kingdoms Fallen 1.2)

Exiled to the remote marshes south of Derlusk, violent and traitorous radicals who call themselves the Consortium of the Crest are trying to cause mayhem and destruction in order to destabilize the region and restore the former kingdom. Taking refuge in their secret base of operations, Hollow Haven, the Crest is trying to bring fiends from the Nine Hells into the Border Kingdoms, and if they are not stopped, the fell will dominate the region and destroy everything in its path.

Harbingers of the Nine Hells (Border Kingdoms Fallen 1.3)

The Temple of the Nine Stars is renowned throughout the entire region as a haven for any faith, any god, or any religion. The frontier is home to so many that cannot find solace in their faith, so far from home. However, there is something sinister at play in this beloved temple at Derlusk. It seems someone brought a host of demonic creatures into the region because of the clerics here. Whatever they are hiding, it is bigger than only a host of hellspawn. Unless the squabbling guilds of Derlusk come together to confront this threat, the Border Kingdoms will confront the rising of the Nine Hells at their doorstep.