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So, you’ve heard by now that Freemasons control the world. As a rational human being, you are now confronted with the possibility of one of three scenarios: where buy viagra in singapore

1. Nothing changes for you, because the conspiracies surrounding Freemasonry are, at best, wrong and at worst, incomplete.

2. You now know who the enemy is and so, therefore, are better equipped at avoiding the enemy.

3. You now know from whom to gain favor so that you can, yourself, help to control the world.

If you think honestly about those three scenarios, having dinner with a bonafide Freemason is the only logical choice. In case #1, it’s a good rule of thumb to seek out the source of a conspiracy if you are curious about whether or not it is true. Scenario #2 speaks to the adage that one should keep one’s enemies close. And scenario #3 would require a social meeting of some sort, wouldn’t it? Why not dinner?

Great, so it’s decided. You must invite a freemason to dinner. Following is a step-by-step tutorial:

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1. Find a local freemason to invite

Most cities in the United States have at least one Masonic lodge. Many of them are easy enough to identify as they tend to be ornate and gussied up with Masonic imagery, symbols or phrases. Still others could be in office buildings or nondescript buildings. In any case, unless you are a Mason, you can’t just go tromping into a lodge. There are handshakes to learn for one–and a broadened perspective on the nature of the Universe that you are simply not privy to. Should you go waltzing into a lodge (presumably after you broke-and-entered), there would be someone there to ask you a series of questions. Only masons know how to answer those questions so you would surely be discovered. 800 mg viagra

But don’t despair. Most lodges are open to the public on specific nights throughout the year and will often even serve Masonic food with Masonic drinks and play Masonic music while Masons Masonically talk to each other in Masonic voices. You can easily find a calendar of events on local lodge websites. These public events are the best time to meet and greet with masons. And the perfect place and time to invite a mason to dinner.


2. Aim high

As you may be aware, not all freemasons are created equal. Well, strictly speaking they¬†are created equal, but must go through an initiation system to grow above and beyond normal humanity. Much like how with each level of Angry Birds, the structures become more and more difficult. So you may inadvertently invite an apprentice. And while that apprentice may have some great dinner chatter, he will never be able to talk about deep inside secrets of masonry like a master mason could. Well, a master mason couldn’t either because masons are vowed to secrecy about the craft–however, with a master mason you could detect certain elements of truth and wisdom by studying their facial reactions, eye-movements or by trapping them into answering questions through the Socratic method. In any case, you’ll have a much better chance to find out the truth of things, keep an enemy closer, or brown nose if you get someone in either the second or third degree.

And don’t bother with 32nd or 33rd. They’re the Masonic equivalent of adjunct professors.


3. Don’t talk about the Bible or Obama

There are different customs in different lodges or regions, but generally it is understood that on formal occasions it is not good to discuss politics or religion. As a general rule, masonry tends to operate outside of social constructs like politics and religion because the very work is about transcending above human limitations. Secondly, it’s rude. Masons do not preclude any religious or political affiliation into their ranks and have no desire to foster silly and irrelevant arguments. So if you introduce yourself by talking about Obamacare and Muslims in Europe, your invitation may not go very smoothly.

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5. Ask important questions

If you intend to get this master mason to dine with you, then you must avoid acting like a tool or conspiracy theorist. Masons are very dedicated to their craft and as their modus operandi, extremely well-learned on philosophy, history, and sociology. They are very up to speed on current events and have sound philosophical positions about life, the universe, and everything. Talking to masons about Satanic popes, JFK, aliens and the Bilderberg Group are a quick way to get ignored. Instead, aim for livelier conversations such as, how do masons view God, what is the spiritual structure of the natural world, what is man’s role on this planet and how can we grow spiritually? These are sorts of questions Masons tend to examine and if you talk in their language you will earn the trust you need to invite them to dinner.

6. Take the Mason to dinner

You can take the Mason out or to your house. Now it is in your hands. Don’t mess it up!what-if-internet-memes-are-actually-freemasons-propagandas

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