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Above all, I’m curious. I write and create to explore the human condition. What makes us tick? Why are we the way we are? Why do we develop these elaborate social systems like governments and religions and then work so relentlessly at tearing it all apart? I believe that within the forest of fiction lay the seeds of what makes us people and I view it as my job to germinate those seeds.

My work spans genres including adventure, historical, fantasy, and science fiction. My work spans media, including novels, non-fiction, and games. My interests span subjects, including philosophy, religion, and technology. But at my core and the core of this blog, is an exploration of who we are. It is often humorous, sometimes reckless, and irreverent. But my approach to creating stories here is the same as it is in my projects–and that is, to play things out. Let it incubate and take ideas as far as they will go and in the most realistic way possible.

Stay tuned as I show you under the hood of my creative process, bring you into my projects ongoing and open up my world so you can participate.

Before Copernicus, Man was much more important in the Universe.

Christopher Grey


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Great fun, fast moving and a nice twist to the ending.

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Adventure reading at its best. A spicy, elusive treasure hunt.

Midwest Book Review

A wonderfully exciting roller coaster ride of a book.

Feathered Quill

Hard-bitten prose should please lovers of the genre.

Historical Novel Society

Official Bio

Christopher Grey is an author of fiction, non-fiction, and games specializing in speculative genres that range from fantasy and science fiction to alternative history, supernatural and conspiracies. His unique genre-bending approach is to extrapolate the human experience by exploring the fantastical, whether the experience be high fantasy, gritty historical fiction, or turn-paging adventures. In addition to being a novelist, Grey is an avid history buff, philosophy student, and game designer and so brings unexpected and insightful and esoteric texture to to all of his interests and projects.

Grey’s debut novel Will Shakespeare and the Ships of Solomon, was published in 2014, by Basilicus Press, an imprint of Pacific Coast Creative Publishing. In 2015 he published The Children’s Author Playbook, a treatise on storytelling for younger audiences and help to compile a new publication of The Completed Works of Plato.

Grey lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

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