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The World

This world is the culmination of many years of research that connect ancient mythologies ranging from Babylonian and Egyptian to Greek and Roman piecing together what Atlantis would have really been, if it were real. The result is a gritty pre-bonze age view on prehistoric/predeluvian civilization when gods roamed the Earth and humans were prized in the same manner as cattle.


The scope of the Atlantis projects is wide-ranging and in various stages of development. Much of the historical accounts have been collected, but how that research translates into fiction is still under a tremendous amount of scrutiny. In order to get the research out in an efficient way, it will be released in the form of a roleplaying game setting from which downstream novels and other game adaptions can be derived.

Upcoming and In Progress

Before the Pillars

Tabletop roleplaying game setting that explores all of the events of the pre-dynastic Atlantis before the gods embraced the humans. Based mostly on Babylonian and Judea-Christian mythology and features a rough-edged and ancient world with cosmological magic, powerful gods, and oppressed humans. The setting and game mechanics will be released via the blog over time before finalized and crowdfunded.

Beneath the Pillars

Tabletop roleplaying game setting that explores the dynastic golden age of Atlantis when it rose to power and imperialized most of the world. Based mostly on Egyptian and Greek mythology and features a classically imperial ancient world with powerful magic and technology, the birth of philosophy and religion, and the use of humans as pawns in global cosmological wars.

Beyond the Pillars

Tabletop roleplaying game setting that explores the refugees and immigrants of Atlantis after it is destroyed as they move their way across the remains of the ancient empire, reconquering the world or seeding new civilizations. Based mostly on Greek and Roman mythology, it features the western expansion that impacted ancient Egypt, Macedonia, and world events such as the Trojan War.